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No Dental Insurance? We have the answer

Roanoke Dentist's Program is Better and at a Fraction of the Price!

Good dental health should be available to everyone. A Skinner Family Dental Membership Plan is a low cost option for patients and families without dental insurance. One of the main reasons that people end up needing major dental work is because they put off necessary dental care. Dental problems do not self-correct and early detection can help minimize the need for more serious dental treatment.

At Skinner Family Dental we strongly believe in preventative dentistry as the best possible means of maintaining optimum oral health. Preventive care will help you maintain a healthy smile and one of the best things you can do for yourself, or your family, is to get on a plan of prevention. When you come in for regular cleanings and check-ups, we can help you avoid many of the more extensive and expensive dental procedures. We encourage you to read about our Skinner Family Dental Membership Plan, and feel confident that between maintaining your oral hygiene at home and utilizing our Membership Plan Benefits you will have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Skinner Family Dental Membership Plan Details:

* Annual Membership Plan Rate per individual: $285 cash/check $295 credit card (over age 14)  $215 cash/check for children 14 under & $225 credit card under age 14.

* 10% discount off individual rates when families of 4 more sign up together.
* Fee is due upon joining.
* 60% Savings on Routine Preventive Care!
* Up to 20% Savings on all other Services!
* No financing available on plan fee.
* It is the sole responsibility of the member to maximize their benefits by arranging all appropriate appointments within the 12-month plan period.
* Renewal is optional and payment is due at the same time each year, and benefits will run on a plan-year. Yearly Membership Fees advertised are only good for plan year and may increase at next renewal date depending on supply costs at the time.
* The annual renewal of your plan is exactly 12 months from the day you originally paid your annual plan fee.
* Skinner Family Dental Plan is not available to those who currently have an active dental insurance plan.
* Once any one service is rendered while using the membership, the member will not be entitled to a refund.
* If financing treatment, a discount of 15% off will be applied instead of 20% off.
* This plan is only for services rendered at this office by Skinner Family Dentistry.
* An Emergency Exam and X-rays can be substituted for one cleaning and exam.

What’s Included? For your flat annual fee you will receive:

Two Dental Cleanings and Exams

Emergency Exam and X-rays
May be substituted for one Cleaning and Exam

Digital X-rays

Fluoride Treatment

Oral Cancer Screening

Additional Cleanings For Periodontal Care
15% OFF

Restorative Work (Fillings)
15% OFF

Cosmetic Work
15% OFF

20% OFF

Crowns and Bridges
15% OFF

Root Canal
15% OFF

15% OFF

Partials and Dentures
15% OFF

Any Services Not Listed
15% OFF

Healthy Teeth For Life

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